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Occhialando | COVID-19 Communication

Comunication Emergency COVID-19


Dear Customer,


We wish to confirm the regularity of the Occhialando website.

All the necessary measures are being taken to deal with this emergency from COVID-19, in accordance with the directives envisaged by the Italian Government.

I want to reassure you that all the strictest and most scrupulous measures have been taken to manage the Products. All operators who handle the glasses are equipped with masks and gloves to avoid any direct contact with the product.

Before packaging, the product is thoroughly sanitized with a UVC lamp and disinfectant solutions. Click here to View the Video

Shipments are now confirmed on a regular basis but there may be cases of slowdown due to transport and therefore lengthen the delivery days.

For any questions and requests, you can contact our customer service which will remain active and at your complete disposal.



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